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2 Broke Engineers, Islamabad (Food Review)

A single storey glass panelled restaurant, 2 Broke Engineers, sits atop Beechtree in F-7 Markaz, offering exquisite views of the lush green Margalla Hills. It is the brainchild of two engineers, Ifrah and Muneeb. The dimly lit restaurant has become a centre of attention for everyone who passes by. With its minimalistic décor, the carefully laid out seating arrangement can accommodate up to 50 customers at a time. People who prefer a secluded arrangement can sit by the window, to enjoy the hustle and bustle of F-7. A lemon yellow couch sits in front of a deep blue feature wall, adding life to the hues of grey and black scattered around the restaurant.

Their menu highlights the specialties belonging to different cuisines, namely; Chinese, Thai and Continental, which further branch into Starters, Soups, Pastas and Steaks, Desserts and Drinks. You can also build your own bowl, choosing a main dish along with sides of Fried Rice and Chowmein.

I began my meal with the starter of Rice Cheese Balls. The centre had a filling of spinach and olives, smothered in melted Mozzarella cheese. The outer layer had a nice crunch from the rice and bread crumbs, and it was a nice experience overall. The only thing lacking was a tart dip to cut through the creamy flavour.

Rice Cheese Balls

Rice Cheese Balls

It would be a shame not to order soup on a freezing cold night. Hot and Sour Soup had the perfect balance of taste and texture, and was served sweltering hot, so it’s advised not to jump right in.

Spinach Fettuccine not only looked appetizing, but also had a balanced palate of flavours. The dense creamy sauce brought together the chicken and pasta, making the dish irresistible. Their serving size was also generous, and the pasta could be easily served as a meal for two.

Spinach Fettuccine

Spinach Fettuccine

Parmigiano Chicken featured a chunk of chicken, topped with red sauce and Parmesan cheese, served alongside Fettuccine Pasta and Grilled Vegetables. The star of this dish was the chicken, which was well cooked, had a flavoursome crust and a delicious sauce poured over it. Though the side order of mashed potatoes was presented as a blob on the plate, I tried to move past that and tried them. Unfortunately, they were a bit sour and had a few lumps as well. The vegetables were served bland, and needed a few more minutes on the grill. Overall, the presentation of this dish needs improvement.

Parmigiano Chicken

Parmigiano Chicken

Using ‘’Make Your Own Bowl’’ I went for Tamarind Fish, served with fried rice. The fish was perfectly cooked, but the sauce it was tossed in was overpowering. Even though the tamarind should’ve brought in both sweet and sour flavours to the dish, it didn’t. Moreover, the rice was over cooked and tasteless.

Strawberry Smoothie was served cold in a mason jar, packed with a punchy flavour and topped with crunchy seeds to chew on in every sip. The colour of the smoothie might not be tempting, but it’s worth a try.

I was looking forward to trying their desserts but was disappointed to learn that two items were no longer available, and they had run out of brownies during lunch hours. I was told that the new menu will be available soon.

The staff at 2 Broke Engineers was courteous, and their service was efficient. Every item was served piping hot, and the ambiance at the restaurant was also comfortable. The cost of an individual meal rounds up to around PKR 1500. With just four weeks in the food industry, 2 Broke Engineers is a newbie with owners who have no prior experience of running a restaurant. Keeping that in mind, the restaurant is doing quite well for itself, and with a few adjustments here and there, they can surely make their mark on the food map.


Article by:  Zainab Hasan

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